Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone

Ok, I am totally going to brag on my new favorite brand of make up....Wet n Wild.

I have used all kinds of makeup from Clinique, to MAC, L'Oreal, to Mary Kay and everything in between. Let's face it, makeup is expensive and it is especially disappointing when you pick a color that is gorgeous in the store, and when you get home, it is 4 shades of U-G-L-Y. It has happened more times than not for me.

Several months ago, I tried my first Wet n Wild product, mascara...purchased from Target. I thought it was really nice looking, but was worried that because it was more inexpensive than any other makeup I had tried, that it would be flaky and cheap looking. Not true. It was my favorite!

Then I tried an eyeshadow trio for $2.99....this one to be exact...

It was cute, but it is not something that I could wear everyday.

I bought 2 lip glosses from Wet n Wild thinking surely this will be sticky and goopy because it was only $1.99. Not so. It had a rich, long lasting color that made me smile.

So, I was getting really confident with this brand. As I ran out of my current makeup, I would just replace it with a WNW product. Concealer for $1.99, blush for $1.99, and now my new favorite.......The Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection in Comfort Zone!!! $4.99

This collection has 8 shadows in the one compact...each highly pigmented. I noticed very little flaking and super easy blendability. Is blendability a word??? Well, it is now. You can use any combination of to four and it really makes a great impact from every day wear to more dramatic special occasion wear.

Two snaps for this color palette. Makes me so happy!

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