Thursday, December 11, 2014

Final days of Nursing School-Fall 2014

Breathe a sigh of relief for a whole month! YES!

This semester of nursing school is over. Finished. Done. In the books!!!!

I am so happy that this semester is behind me. It was bittersweet to leave the group yesterday, but I will see everyone in one short month, hopefully refreshed and ready to tackle the next semester.

The thing I am most proud of this semester is my comeback with the professor that I lost my mind with in October. In order to finish out Health Assessment, our final was to complete a Head to Toe Assessment with one of three professors looking on, silently judging, I mean grading us.

I watched videos, reviewed my notes from the semester, and finally came up with my own system for completing the assessment. I practiced on Jansen, consulted with other students to get feedback, and prayed.

I walked in feeling anxious, but really comfortable with my style and the amount of information learned. As I went through the assessment on my patient, each time I made eye contact with that professor, she would look down and write notes. It was nerve wracking, and she is so thorough, that I just wanted to make her proud of what we had learned this semester. Once finishing, I asked her if I had missed anything, or if she had any tips on ways that I could improve. She recommended that I hold my penlight further from my patient's eyes when testing EOMs, which makes total sense. I don't want my patient to be cross eyed! She didn't grade them, but just turned them in to my HA prof.

After my Skills final yesterday, I asked to see the grade sheet from the assessment the day before so that I could get some feedback. That woman gave me a 100!!!! She had made notations of all the positive things that I did and wrote really encouraging feedback on my level of professionalism and preparedness. HOLY COW! I felt like I could levitate. It was an awesome feeling to get such encouragement from a really difficult professor. She just really wants us to know our stuff and wants to feel confident in our abilities as a student nurse. I can totally respect that.

So yesterday, I checked my grades.....I got a 4.0!!!!! It may never happen again but this semester, I got straight A's!!!!! Thank God for His direction and favor!!!!!

I cannot wait to get life back in gear, get my house in order, spend time with my family and friends, and not think about nursing school for a while. Life is so good!

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