Monday, December 22, 2014

Prepping for the holidays

As the holidays approach, we were excited to tie up some loose ends at Jansen's school. Unfortunately I had to have some unexpected back procedures done the day before his party, so I was unable to attend.

We did finish up the gifts he was going to give to his classmates. He was so excited to share them with his friends.

He also participated in his school's week of giving. Each day supported a different organization, from Military Moms to the SPCA to Toys for Tots and the Dream Center Food Pantry. He chose a few things he would like to donate, while Caleb took some of his money to donate to the Red Cross at his school.

Jamsen's class also won the box tops competition at school and was awarded 5 pounds of chocolate! Good grief!!!!

We finished up the week with a Christmas light scavenger hunt, which was really successful. We gave the kids a printout, a pen, and some flashlights and we hit the town. It was an adventure to look out for all the different decorations.

We are super ready for the holidays with our family!

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