Monday, December 22, 2014

Fishing experience

My husband's company, Dow Chemical, owns some property on the outskirts of our county called Harris reservoir. It's primarily used as a camp ground of sorts for employees and retirees.

Any employee can become a member. So last month, my husband made us members. On top of that, he got on the list to get a permanent camp site for our camper. That way we could store our camper out there and can go camping there, any time. The wait list is about a year, but we are in no hurry.

For right now, we can go out there for the day to let the kids fish and run around and just be crazy boys. Josh and I bought the kiddos their own fishing poles and tackle boxes for Christmas this year, and decided to give them to them early since Josh was supposed to be off this weekend. We planned to take the afternoon to teach them how to fish.

It was a huge success. Even for my texture aversive Autistic child. He learned how to bait his hook with worms, cast, reel in a fish, and release it back into the water. Caleb ended up catching 5 fish this afternoon.

Jansen, who is less than thrilled about many activities, seemed interested in learning. Even though we had been fishing twice before, he had never really wanted to fish. But for some reason, with his own pole, and his own materials, he was ready to go. He ended up catching 4 fish, completely on his own! He was beaming!! He was so proud of himself.

It was the perfect day to go out there and just spend some quiet, quality time as a family. It was partly sunny, breezy, not too hot and not too cold. Just a perfect day!

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