Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Houston Texans ornaments

As soon as I got out of school for the semester, I had a list of craft ideas that I wanted to get done. One of my ideas was to create some Houston Texans ornaments as a gift for one of my good friends.

I chose silver glitter because I just really like how silver pops on a dark Christmas tree.

My original plan was to create a vinyl sticker to put on the glass. Well folks, that didn't work out.

So I went with regular stickers. It looks fine, but just not exactly what I would have envisioned.

Here is what I started with...

Clear glass ornaments, floor cleaner, and glitter.

This is super easy and you can modify it with paint, other color glitter, ribbons, whatever you want. Just take the hangers off the ornaments and squeeze a little bit of cleaner in the inside. Roll it around so that the entire inside has a thin coat of cleaner on it. Turn it upside down so that the excess drips out.

Then using a funnel, add glitter to the inside. Roll it around again to get a nice even coat of glitter. Turn it upside down to have the excess glitter fall out and to let it dry. I let each one dry for about 24 hours.

Then I cut stickers out and glued them to the outside of the ornaments. Man, I wish the vinyl had worked, but these were still cute.

I wrapped them up with my new favorite glitter wrapping paper and delivered them today.

Hopefully she likes them and can add them to her Texans Tree!

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