Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day #22...down for the count

Wow. Being sick stinks. I am down for the count, for real. Thank goodness that my mom came over to keep the kids for the afternoon. Nothing will be done on THE LIST front, and nothing will be done on the home or diet front either. Today would have been the perfect day to go to the movies by myself...if my throat were not on fire.

Boo, hiss, cough. The end.

But being around the house all day made me feel, creative. Ok, make that bored. So I felt the need to work on the kids' rooms and started off with Jansen's. His room is decorated mostly in a football theme, more specifically, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans. I came across a perfectly good Thomas the Tank Engine pillow from Jansen's train phase, that he no longer wanted. Now, I am not a hoarder, but I just could not justify getting rid of that little pillow. I put it aside and trudged along. And then it hit me. Well, rather, it fell on me. Jansen's old Texans jersey from two years ago when we had season tickets to the games.


Jansen gets a "new" pillow, I get to keep the memories, and it was FREE! Good way to repurpose items, and I am even sewing challenged. But everyone can slipcover, right. I slipped it over, tucked it in, and whip stitched the bottom. Jansen loved it. He even said, "Oh Mom, thank you. I am so proud of you and my new pillow!" One day he will look a me, roll his eyes, tell me I am a nerd. Until then, I will take "proud".

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