Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day #23...countdown to root beer

Ok, now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Actually, it is an igloo with frosty cold root beer nestled sweetly in ice. I have no preference to the brand, A&W or Barqs. Either one is perfect for me.

With a week to go, THE LIST is dwindling. Because this week is Teacher Appreciation, and I will be busy all week, there are a few things listed that frankly, will not be accomplished. Even though everything can't be addressed before the 10th, I still plan on addressing them all as soon as possible. This has been an enlightening experience to say the least.

Jansen sounds like he is drowning. He is being a trooper taking his medicine and using his inhaler, but he is outside all the time now, and is feeling terrible. He can't stop coughing, he is wheezing, and he looks swollen. I wish we could move to some place with less allergens. The Texas Coast stinks!

Today, I am hungry. I got off my diet for a couple days while I was sick, and didn't really lose any weight. So now I am back on it, and I am still down 11 pounds, but I AM RAVENOUS!!! Since Josh is on graveyards, the boys had sandwiches, tator tots, and fruit salad, and I snuck three tator tots. They are soooooooooo good. Why is it that it takes almost two weeks solid on a diet to start losing the cravings for things, and you get off for one day, and you want to eat Shipley's out of sausage and cheese kolaches??? I wanted to have lost 3 more pounds by now, but can I really complain about 11 pounds in 14 days? No, I can't. So I won't. Yay for me! Keep reminding in November, cruise in want to be 40 pounds less!!!!! 10 pounds at a time, my friend, 10 pounds at a time.

Wednesday, the hubs and I will be headed out on a hot date in Houston. We will be seeing Norah Jones, eating at Birra Porettis, and staying the night at a swanky hotel. Happy Birthday to me!!! I am so looking forward to some time away, even if it is for 24 hours. I want to dress up, have some fun, and enjoy some adult conversation and beverages (not on my diet).

Now that I thought about the cruise again...and losing a bunch of weight...that makes me think of buying some new clothes. Yesterday was all mom-guilt, and today I have reconciled that with myself. I'll need a swim suit, a cover up, some shorts, (Agh, did I just say shorts?!) a few tops, and a couple dresses. Shoes I have covered. I live in flip flops and sandals. Here are some things on my wish list:

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