Friday, May 7, 2010


Today was the last day of Teacher Appreciation, and it was fabulous! We had so much food that we were even giving teachers whole casseroles and desserts to take home. Thank you to all the parents that provided food to make this week special for our teachers!

Tonight I went to have some girl time with 4 super cool friends. We headed to Carinos for a double-birthday celebration...Lela's birthday is Saturday and mine is Monday. It was nice to get out and have some time to myself. Josh and I had planned to go to the beach afterward, but as my age will prove, we came home to fall asleep. To be perfectly honest, I would choose sleep over almost anything these days. Well, since the children have been born, basically because I don't get enough sleep. Caleb doesn't sleep so I don't sleep. AGH!

Here are some more before and after pictures of our granite. It turned out perfect!

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