Monday, May 3, 2010

Day #24...Teacher Appreciation Week

This week as Teacher Appreciation Week. For those of you who are not teachers, all you have to do is substitute for 1 hour just once, to see how hard our teachers work to educate our kids.

This year, I felt passionate about having a whole week to provide meals for the teachers at Caleb's school. It seems like the least I can do for having my child 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. So I am heading up this event and today was the first day. I am not going to lie, by 10:00, I was beginning to worry that we didn't have enough food. Slowly but surely, food started rolling in, just in time for the first group to come in. My only regret is that by the time 4th grade got there, we just had about 1 bowl of taco soup, 1 bag of chips, a bowl of dip, and a container of rice left. But thank goodness the parents really stepped up and provided what they did. The teachers seemed very appreciative, and it makes me happy that they didn't have to worry about lunch today.

Tomorrow is Italian Tuesday! I will be making 2 lasagnas and will be up at the school all day tomorrow as well. I hope we can have even more food for tomorrow so that the 4th grade teachers can eat well.

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