Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yep, that is right. I am about half way up the mountain, and my body decided it was time to set up shop on the side of a rocky cliff. This month, my weight loss has been satisfactory, especially in the first 3 weeks. My total weight loss for the first official month is 17 pounds. Go me! I am working too hard to reconcile with my mind and heart the difference between honest, realistic expectation, and pure wishful thinking. The fact is, I have at least 20-30 more pounds to lose; 40 on the ideal side.

But wow, what an accomplishment this month has been. Now this last week, my body only let go of a pound. And it has been toying with it; letting it go, and then wanting it back. It is a sad frustrating tug-of-war. Originally my thought was to do this for a month, then get off for a couple weeks, and start another month. Now I am just too scared to try. I don't feel like I have lost enough to make me comfortable to get off of it for two whole weeks. A weekend....maybe. Definitely tonight, as the hubs and I are going to The Grape Taste for our anniversary. I am toying with the idea of getting of of it through the weekend and begin next weekend invigorated and ready to begin another month. The beauty is, I know I can make it at least a month on this diet, so I can definitely do it again. :)

Now I must go have a detailed conversation with my body, to let it know that this mountain is ready to be conquered and we don't have much time to sit and sing kumbaya around a campfire.

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