Monday, July 25, 2011

Aw yeah...Football is back on!!!!

YAY!!!!!!! Every year about this time, I start to get butterflies in my stomach because football season is right around the corner. I love football. Lurve it. Luff it. (Yes, that is an Annie Hall reference) I LOVE IT!!! This year, however, I have been praying that the league was going to reach an agreement so that football could still be played this fall.....

And today.....HALLELUJAH!!!

They reached a deal and football is back on. Thank goodness because we just got a good deal on tickets three days ago.....people were all unsure of how things were going to work if the players were still locked out. The Texans were going to be refunding season ticket holders' money for each game missed, so that is nice. But what really matters is that we can see some FOOTBALL!!!!

So it's time to dust off those personalized jerseys and roll out the grills. Pack up the folding chairs, tents, and coolers, and head to Reliant. It's time to paint your face red, white, and blue, and STAND UP AND SHOUT!!!!

It's Texans Football Baby!
The most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!!!

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  1. Go TEXANS! I have been lucky enough to go to a game the past few seasons. Hopefully life can slow down enough to get there again!

    We have an AWESOME schedule this year! I am so excited! :)