Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Winner, winner, enchilada dinner...

Yes, I am a winner, and yes I want enchiladas. But I am dieting. Again. I know. Ugh.

Guess what I won from Ginger at this super cool blog...


Yes, my friend. I have been instantly whisked via mental DeLorean back to 1986. Back to a simpler time and place. Back to my mom's harvest gold and avocado green kitchen, to the little orange kids' table and chairs that I used to sit at and painstakingly color in Smurf Shrinky Dinks.

I thought I was the coolest kid on the block...

And now, I am the winner of the new Shrinky Dinks Monster Lab by Creativity for Kids.

Haven't told the boys yet, because I want it to be a surprise when it arrives in the mail. You better guarantee that we will be ripping into it immediately to start coloring and shrinking.!!!

Thank you so much Ginger for making me a winner!!!!

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