Thursday, July 7, 2011

The time has come....

Josh's truck is rapidly losing steam.

Oh boy, this truck has served him well, yet I cringe when I think of buying a new vehicle. His truck is almost 11 years old, as 80K+ miles on it, and has had several things break and be repaired...all by my newly handy hubby.

But seriously shopping ranks right up there with random root canals, the cheese grater thing they use on your feet during a pedicure, and that oh-so-fun-yearly visit with your gyno.

I despise car shopping, loan hunting, deal just makes me cringe.

But we have known for several months that his truck is in need of a replacement. Where are the Transformers when you need them? They are virtually indestructible!!

So the hunt begins. We need to look forward to the future...cargo space, towing capacity, all that stuff that I am not very interested in. I like the interior shiny thingies, the radio, and the paint color. Yes, I am a girl.

Thank you Lord that Josh's block is very shorthanded because this allows him a great deal of overtime at the moment. Anyone who is a shift-working family can relate. There have been long stretches of time with no overtime...and those times can be rough. So when the overtime comes, it is a blessing. It gives us a chance to pay extra, save more, and have some fun.

And so the hunt begins. A truck is in our near future. Hopefully we can get something a week or so after we return from vacation. Praying for the right deal!!!!!!

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  1. Yay! Stay away from Gulf Coast Auto is my advice! :) We just went through the exact same thing in March. Good luck!