Saturday, July 2, 2011

We ordered it!

After months of hard work and saving, we are finally able to purchase a pool! Not a beautiful in ground pool, but a way cool, rock our worlds above ground pool!!!

So here it is...

The pool was on a spectacular Independence Day Sale at Target for over $400 less than Sears or Academy. We just couldn't pass up a deal that good. And the bonus is, it didn't come with the filtration system. I know, most of you would be looking for a package deal, but almost all of the package deal pools came with a sand filtration system, which we did not want. So we picked out the low maintenence salt water filtration system at Academy and purchased the rectangular pool from Target.

Hopefully it will be here by next weekend and we can get it up and running. Supposedly, the only prep we need to do is some sand leveling and two people can put the pool together in 1 hour. Well, we shall see, but it can't be that hard, right? Famous last words.

I have visions of building a deck around it, with a stair case and lattice walls to cover the support pipes. It will be put next to our cement patio, so my ideal would be to have a little cabana style covering over it that moves right into the deck...something like this....

We have the same teardrop shaped cement pad in our backyard.

Oh my Cristal dreams on a generic HEB brand beer budget......


  1. yipee!! i know your boys are sooooo happy!

  2. Woohoo, it's gonna be great! :) I will send Al to go help. :D