Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Painted frame art

Oh how I wish I could find the blog that this idea came from...There are blogs out there that have the cutest frame walls and frame art...but one had the idea to put the frame around her air conditioning box....if you know what it is, please tell me so I can give that person credit!!!!

Anyway, we have this wonky wall that houses the AC box and a light switch. The wall is visible from the kitchen...too small for a piece of art, and the AC box and switch are placed so that nothing works there.

I had some frames that had broken glass, some that had the tabs on the back broken, and one that never had any parts. So after I saw that blog, I put this idea on my DIY list...months ago.

Yep, I just now got around to it. Probably because the kids went to bed early tonight because of their behavior (don't act all shocked...you know you do it too! I know it can't just be me.) and my hubs is on graveyards. It's just me and the lazy dog.

Quick, there is a free moment! Break out the Lego Red spray paint! Am I the only one that kind of likes the spray paint fumes? Anyone?

I LOVE it. LOVE!!! Red just rocks my world, and this little wall now has so much more personality. Red hot personality! Yay!

I can now mark that off my list and it's a happy day.


  1. I just put a frame around my stupid thermostat too!! And I totally dig the smell of spray paint :) You are in good company!

  2. I love this! Especially the thermostat! I would love it if you linked up to my Tuesday Confessional link party going on now: http://www.craftyconfessions.com/2011/06/tuesday-confessional-link-party.html
    I hope to see you soon!

  3. CUTE! Saw you on http://www.remodelaholic.com/. Love this idea! Love, Me

  4. Great solution. And pretty frames. Love your blog design too. I heart yellow and gray.

  5. love it! Thanks for linking up last week to Sew Woodsy! We hope you will join us again tomorrow! :)