Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Painted dog bed

And now I am finished with the dog stuff. Tatum has a wire crate in our bedroom and we have just been putting towels down in the bottom. That isn't very comfortable. I would be ticked if I had to sleep on a towel.

Well anyway, she needed a fluffier bed for the crate and I am not willing to spend any money right now. So I rummaged through the closets and found a less that fluffy pillow that no one uses because it isn't fluffy enough. I also came across a solid navy pillowcase.

Then I searched the net for a cartoon poodle and printed one out.

After a quick tracing, I painted in the cute poodle and called it a day.
She can now sleep on something soft and can take it with her to her resort next month.
AGH, I am not making anything else for this dog...but she is cute enough to make me want to...

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