Thursday, June 23, 2011

My personal wish list

Actually this wish list includes Jansen's wish list too.

This blog is a reflection of myself and my family...random as that may be. And this week, my 6 year old asked us why we don't have a trailer.

Jansen: Mom, I really want to go camping. Why don't we have a trailer?
Mom: Jansen, we have never had the extra money to buy a trailer. Do you mean an RV? The kind that has a kitchen, and beds, and all that?
Jansen: Yes. We saw them at Jellystone and you said you wanted one. Can we buy one? I want to go camping.
Mom: Well, how would we pull an RV?
Jansen: With dad's truck.
Mom: Dad's truck is almost 12 years old and only holds 2 people.
Jansen: What about your car?
Mom: I have a Honda. That won't be able to pull an RV.
Jansen: Well, let's buy a new truck.
Mom: Ok, we will add that to our wish list. How are we going to get the money to buy a truck and an RV. Didn't you want a pool too? Because Mommy wants an above ground pool.
Jansen: I can wash your car....

Evidently, the money is still coming from us no matter what!

So you know what? I am putting it out there. Maybe that will help motivate us to save/make some extra money. I can actually justify an RV to my husband, not only for the trips we can take as a family, but for HURRICANE SEASON, which has already started.

As family, we have had to run from hurricanes three times. Each time, we didn't know if our home would still be there when we returned. Thankfully it was, but the last time, we had no electricity for 9 days. We ate out of an ice chest. We didn't have a generator. We went to stay with my parents.

Should this happen would be AMAZING to have an RV to live in with propane and a generator. Should our home be blown would be amazing to have an RV to live in with propane and a generator.

My wishlist includes:
an RV
a new-to-him truck for my husband
a pair of jet skis
an above the ground pool with a deck
world peace.
Jansen is going to have to wash a lot of cars.....


  1. Jansen is adorable. he reminds me of the conversations i have with my son. i hope he gets his RV.

  2. I've given you A Lovely Blog Award. You can check it out here:

  3. Love that you included world peace. lmao! I too want an RV...badly. I have for years. My 5 year old will also have to wash a lot of cars...hopefully rich peoples, with lots of cash, since mommy and daddy can only pay in power rangers and bacon.