Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thrifty Fourth of July mantle

In general, I like to keep my mantle simple. It is only decorated differently during certain holidays...

Now, I don't have to remind many of you that my budget for decorating is small. Almost non-existant. But, I would venture to say, that most of yours is as well, or you probably wouldn't be reading this particular blog post.

Here is what I did...
Not too themey, not too cluttered, just simple and free.
Those pillar candles stay on the mantle almost year round. The wrought iron star was given to me by my mother a few months back, as well as that yummy berry blue candle. The flower and vase with rocks were purchased at Dollar Tree last year, but it is usually sitting inside my corner shelves in the dining room. And finally, that flag picture is printed right off the internet and placed gently on top of another picture inside that frame that is usually on my mantle anyway.

And, as you may have seen in previous posts, the large floral picture never comes down. Not even at Christmas. I love it, and it is covering up some major hole-age left from the previous owners. My laziness prevents me from patching and painting, so a cover up will do!


  1. I love it!...so easy and looks awesome!..What a great idea to print the flag off the internet,that gives me inspiration,thanks!...I have some old photo frames, I could spray paint red,white and Blue also.
    Hey thanks for visiting and commenting on Loblolly.

  2. nice. I always forget to decorate for the 4th. For some reason, the big day gets here and I'm always like "wait, where's all the red white an blue?!" then scramble to find a festive outfit.