Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day...

Ok, so it's Father's Day. A day to celebrate good ol dad. I am so blessed to have incredible men in my life. Oh yeah, I said MEN. My very own dad and my very own husband.

Let me tell you a little bit about my daddy: This man is the father of one One. Only one. And this one was a difficult child to raise. Needless to say he was very proud when I received my Aggie Ring my senior year of college and we took this picture under the Century Tree at Texas A&M University

He was always the one I could go to who had a good reason and explanation for the decisions he made. While my mother would give me a hasty "you need to do this...", my dad always gave me all sides of the issue and then encouraged me to go with my gut.

He is a man who can wake up in the morning and decide to build a deck, and he does it.

My dad worked incredibly hard to support us.

My dad taught me to ride a bike by tying one end of a rope to my handlebars and the other to his bike seat and taking off without telling me to pedal. Basically he taught me how to fall (and then get back up)

My dad made the best campsites a living room has ever seen!

My dad took the time to teach me things, and not just do things for me.

My dad took me to the beach when he hated the beach and exclaimed how he "just could not express the extent of his emotions."

My dad and I share a ton of awesome genetics including our hair color, skin color, body build, knock knees, freckles, our general sunny dispositions, our fierce stubbornness, our desire to do -it-ourselves, our keen ability to shop, and our need to have things done our way or the highway.
(Although as I get older, I find myself morphing more into my mother....which is awesome, because she is unbelievably selfless, caring, strong, and super supportive!)
My dad is awesome!

And then there is my husband. Within the last 2 years of our 10 year marriage, we are finally starting to really see each other and love each other more than ever. He has grown ;)

My husband is the man who ALWAYS works extra overtime to use that money to take the family on blasty-blast outtings (Kemah, LegoLand, Galveston, Go-karting, etc).

My husband is the authoritarian and the pushover all in one.

My husband loves spending time with his boys.

My husband has more patience for Caleb than I do, and can usually explain situations much better than I can.

My husband kills monsters and repairs bikes.

My husband often reminds the Tooth Fairy of her duties.

My husband grills the best hamburgers and steaks in

My husband rocks our boys' worlds and mine too for that matter. We love him beyond words. Hearts and flowers y'all.

Happy Father's Day to those men...who are MEN. Who aren't afraid to love their wives and children and let the world see it. :)

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