Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Good news. My uncle's funeral was beautiful, my dad's heart is ok, and my mother in law is recuperating at home after her fall off the horse.

My dad was using Aleve to help reduce some knee pain that has lingered after a knee replacement. The doctor at the hospital informed us that chronic use could lead to liver or heart failure and that his chest pain was likely a result of this. He has since discontinued his use and is now slowly on the mend.

My mother in law took a nasty fall off a horse, and broke her wrist and pelvis. Luckily no surgery was needed and she is recovering at home. We visited her today and she seems tired and bruised, but is in good spirits.

In other happenings, we have our pool set up, we took our vacation, and we have some cool kids projects in the works. Blogging will resume this week now that everything is settling down!!! I have missed checking out everyone's blogs and can't wait to get reading and writing.

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