Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The new pool....

Boy, I love this pool, and I love my husband. My sweet hubby has worked so hard leveling our ground, setting the pool up all by himself, filling, putting the pump together and getting all the chemicals just right. We took our first swim in it last week before we left for vacation.

Let me paint this picture for you..

Cool, breezy night in South Texas. Some tunes from our ipod playing on the outdoor speakers. Clear night sky full of twinkling stars. Children nestled sweetly in their beds. The hubs and I relaxing in the pool.

It was so peaceful. The kids were able to jump in the next day and take a quick swim and this pool has been deemed a HUGE HIT!!!

The backyard is a total mess, full of wires, hoses, and dirt, but we will figure out how to integrate it into the yard soon. The main thing was...get this pool up ASAP because the 100 + degree heat was killing us!!!

If you can't have an in-ground pool....this one is the next best thing!!!

Intex rectangular pool-24X12X52 inches....Target special. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!!!


  1. Maybe the sun will be out tomorrow after all!! :D I hope, I hope!

  2. We have a crew out doing dirtwork for our new above ground as we speak! I can't wait! I am from the tx panhandle so I feel your pain on the heat!

  3. your husband is pretty amazing, to do all that work by himself. happy you guys are enjoying your new pool.