Thursday, July 4, 2013


One of my bucket list items is to go see Barry Manilow in concert! What are the odds that he would be touring this summer in Texas? Actually pretty good. We were able to get tickets and the day before the concert, he had to cancel because he got bronchitis. 

Ugh, I was devastated. But a few days later, he rescheduled for the end of June and I was again elated!!! So this weekend, my wonderful husband took off work to take me to see one of my favorite performers. 

It was so hot. When we left, it was 103 degrees here in South Texas. It is a covered outdoor theater, and there was a slight breeze, but it was still quite hot. I was concerned that Barry might pass out on stage or something. 

When we arrived, Josh bought me a Barry Manilow t-shirt, and I of course went straight to the bathroom to change into it. Thank goodness it was light because it was actually more comfortable than the shirt I was wearing. 

His opening act was Tom Cotter, the comedian that came in 2nd place on America's Got Talent last year. Josh and I are huge fans of that show and LOVED him. We were really hoping he would win, so when he came out on stage it was an unexpected surprise. 

Then Barry came onstage. It was amazing! He was full of energy, told interesting stories, and is just an all around amazing performer. We were probably the youngest couple there! I didn't care. It was worth it. 

Josh and I sang, we danced, we waved our glow sticks they gave everyone. Mark it off my bucket list and I would go again. I am, in fact, a Fanilow!!!

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