Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer School

My summer is officially over! I started back to school yesterday to get Anatomy and Physiology II out of the way in 5 weeks. Crazy? Yes! But Why would I want to go to this class for 13 weeks, when I can finish it in 5 weeks?

This class is going to be super fast paced, pretty difficult, and will take up a HUGE portion of my time. Everyone I have talked to says that an A is possible if you don't have a life. Well, I have a life. It's not a busy as a lot of people's lives, but it is a life. 

I will be in class Monday-Thursday from 8am to 4 pm and then on Fridays from 9-11. We have lab tests Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, along with a full 3 hour lab each of those days. After the lab comes the lecture, and after the lecture comes 2 Supplemental Instruction classes for both the lab and the lecture. 

My parents will be keeping my kids during the week THANKFULLY!!! During the summer, they are not in school so I have to have someone watch them. If they were in school, I wouldn't have to worry about it. Now I don't mind being in school all day...that is like having a full time job. The problem is coming home and doing my mom-job with the laundry, dinners, cleaning, fun with the family, and still finding time to study. When you have a new chapter and concept presented to you one day, and have a test over it the next HAVE to study at home as well. 

Oh well, I just keep telling myself that I can do anything for 5 weeks. It can't be that bad, right? Must get an A. I am going to do my best to not complain, to plan my days ahead of time to reduce stress, to get my chores done and still spend time with the kiddos and my husband. Oh and study. I can't forget to study!

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