Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer activities....

In keeping with the theme of keeping the children busy, friendly, and alive this Summer, my mother and I decided to take the kids to the Houston Museum of Natural Science Sugar Land campus this past weekend. 

It was even better because we are members so almost everything for us was free. I must admit, this was a fun trip. It didn't take very long to go through everything and it was blissfully air conditioned. 

There were so many things to see there. 

I really thought the kids would like the Dig Pit, but I was wrong. Evidently they are too old for that. Who knew?

They had an inflatable planetarium with a foam floor. They welcomed us lying on the ground and gazing into the sky.

I was fascinated!

Since we were about an hour away from home, two hours at the museum was not "worth" the trip, so we ate at the Cheesecake Factory, which incidentally was a big disappointment, and then I googled a few things to do. 

I found a place called the Glazery, which was the perfect thing to do. It is one of those paint your own pottery places. The kids LOVED it. We stayed there for about an hour letting the kids create amazing works of art. Jansen really enjoyed "arts and crafts" time. The only down side is that it takes over a week to glaze the creations and to have them ready for pickup. We will be in San Antonio so my mom offered to go pick them up in a little over a week. 

It was a fun day for all!

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