Monday, July 8, 2013

RIP dryer

Well, for the last 6 years, I have reveled in the fact that I have a matching red Samsung HE washer and dryer purchased with a never-before, never-again, bonus I received from my previous employer. I was so excited to receive that bonus that I ran out and bought the set in cash and was giddy for weeks. 

Folks, the dryer died last weekend and a little piece of my soul shattered. It was a great dryer. It did things that I couldn't imagine in no time flat. 

Around our house we have had many a power surge. Unfortunately, I was drying a load of laundry during yet another surge, and upon return of electricity....the dryer spun, but no longer had heat. Our heating element and fuse was straight busted. 


And it went out on a Saturday morning. A day when I was doing sheets and blankets in the whole house, and washing up clothes for our weekend getaway for the following weekend. After calling several repair men and getting a range of diagnostic fees ($50-$100 to walk in my house) and dates of repair (July 5-July 19th), I called my husband hysterical. He was sympathetic, but when I told him everything would have to be line dried...he quickly got in gear. Sunday morning, while we were away at church, he stayed home and purchased a new dryer, installed it, and had it running by the time we got home. 

It would cost more to fix it than it would just to buy another cheap one. And I just was not willing to pay another $1500-$2000 on an HE dryer to match the washer, especially since this year our lawnmower, dishwasher, computer, above ground pool filter and now dryer have all died. It's like an appliance graveyard up in here. 

What was once this....

is now this....


  • I can now dry clothes!
  • It is smaller which means the laundry room door can close while laundry is going
  • It was cheap, so we paid cash
  • Because it is smaller, I can fold the clothes on top of it and then put them away
  • I still know the name of the paint I used

  • It takes over an hour to dry a load instead of about 40 minutes with my other dryer
  • It doesn't match and visually looks wonky when looking in the room
  • I don't have any more of that paint and have to buy another can
  • There is no light inside the dryer
All in all, I am happy. It doesn't match, but it is functional...and that is really all laundry should be I guess. Maybe once the washer dies, I can get the same brand washer and then it will match. Let's hope that doesn't happen this year!!!

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