Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back to school shopping....

I am almost finished with back to school shopping!!!! June 26 and almost finished!

Caleb is going into intermediate school in August, and with having Autism and being quite different, I know he is probably going to get picked on a bit. Not to mention the fact that he is shorter and skinnier and hasn't really had a growth spurt. There will be many things that he could be picked on about, but I am determined it won't be that he won't be in style. 

I know that as I child, I was picked on for being chubby, having braces, glasses, etc...but my mom made sure that I always dressed nice. Not that I always had to have 15 different pairs of designer jeans, but I was matched, pressed, clean, and did have some nice clothes. 

Am I going to pay $80 for a pair of jeans for my boys? Um no. Thank goodness that nerdiness is in style right now so glasses and braces aren't a big deal if they have to have them. But what are the brands that are popular right now? American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hurley, Fox, DC, Under Armor, Nike, etc. 

So little by little I have been shopping, buying a couple of shirts or shorts at a time. I shop at Ross, The Children's Place, and PS by Aeropostale. Did you even know about PS??? I had no idea! And it has all the right kids' sizes. I shopped online there and used a coupon code and got 13 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts for both boys for around $150! Plus, I got free shipping. :)
Caleb's clothes include shirts from Aero, Nike, Adidas, Tony Hawk, jeans from The Children's Place, and Fila tennis shoes

Jansen's clothes include Aero, Nike, DC, and Ross shirts, shorts from Aero, and a space for a few more shorts and a pair of tennis shoes to come.

Caleb likes to wear only jeans to school and all of his jeans are too short. The Children's Place had a sale on jeans...$12 a piece, and they are the brand that fit Caleb the best. Jansen loves to wear shorts to school so I got several pair from Aero for less than $10 a pair. 

Caleb is finished, and Jansen only needs 2 more pairs of shorts and a new pair of shoes. Yay!

I love being able to get things on sale! A couple of the shirts were bought by my mother but the majority of these I just got little at a time. Almost finished!!!!!!!!!!!

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