Saturday, June 8, 2013


Thankful to have my computer back....I am blogging about all of the end of school events at one time. Sorry for so many posts in one day, but we haven't had a computer for a month...and it just so happens that it was the busiest month of school EVER!

I didn't take very many pictures of Field Day this year because we were just so busy, but some of the school photographers took a bunch. When they are available, I will add them to this post. 

But I digress. Field Day is an all day, outdoor, day of fun for the kiddos. The PTO provided some moonwalks, 

water, and fruit for refreshments, 

provided volunteers to help the kids, 

and then hosts Panda Bingo and yearbook signings in the afternoon. 

Jansen, who hates being outside, enjoyed the day but wished it wasn't 100 degrees outside. I totally agree. Caleb, never feels temperature. Maybe that is one of the benefits of having Autism. Gotta look on the bright side, right?

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