Thursday, June 20, 2013

Frozen Summer treats

We have started to create a few frozen treats for the summer. This weekend, we made enough for the next week, and then have several more types of treats to make the following week. 

First, we made "ring pops". These are not candy, they are frozen, but I wanted to make "sugary" so Jansen would still feel like he is getting a sweet treat, but it is healthier. 

 These are made out of Crystal Light and Splenda. He like things extra sweet and I am just not willing to use a lot of sugar. It's just not healthy for him right now. 

Then we made crayola pops using sugar free Hawaiian Punch. The kids loved these and I love that they are only 5 calories per pop instead of the 150 calories in the prepackaged ones from the store. 

And finally, we made a "treat" to use with Sprite. I try to limit our soda intake to about twice a week. Jansen made up some really concentrated ice cubes using sugar free Hawaiian punch, green, blue, and purple. We added them to a glass of Sprite and it turned out great.

I have to find a good balance of healthier options mixed in with a few splurges so Jansen doesn't feel deprived and go overboard. That is my problem. I deprive myself and then I feel like I need to eat an entire bag of chips. No good!

Next week, smoothies, frozen yogurt pops, and sprite with gummy bear treats!

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