Friday, June 14, 2013

Overnight date to The Woodlands

Well we had a major Make it Work moment this week. 

Over a month ago, I was able to procure front row tickets to my husband's favorite band's concert in The Woodlands (just over an hour away from us). Mumford and Sons!!! This was monumental! I had never gotten front row tickets to anything before and I was surprising my husband with the tickets for Father's Day. 

Now please keep in mind, that I am obsessed with Barry Manilow...and he NEVER tours Texas....and he was coming here last month ON OUR ANNIVERSARY. So Josh got us tickets and I felt like I was going to lose my mind with happiness. And then Barry got Bronchitis and canceled his Texas shows two days before. I was devastated. But he rescheduled for June 30th, and all was well.

I say all that to let you know of our amazing concert luck. After we got tickets to the show, Josh decided to make it an overnight date for us. We got a babysitter and he made reservations at the Marriot Hotel on the Water Way in The Woodlands. We were excited! Tuesday morning, the day before the concert, I received an email saying that Mumford and Sons was cancelling their Texas shows because a member of the ban had a blood clot in his brain and needed brain surgery. Of course, we were concerned about his health but were so disappointed that the concert curse was happening again. Twice in one month!!!

We decided to go anyway on our overnight date. After all, we already had a hotel room, a babysitter, and some money saved...and Josh had already taken off work. So Tuesday afternoon we started googling the area to find out what we could do, where we could go, and where we could eat. We decided that we would go see the water fountains, would shop a bit, and would go eat at a really nice restaurant. We decided on Flemings and looked up their menu and their wine list. Prepared with mental notes in mind, we blissfully dropped off the kids, loaded up our bags, and hit the road. 

We stopped off in Pearland to eat lunch at Steak and Shake. Neither of us had ever been there, and it was pretty good I guess. 

Then we took the drive to The Woodlands. We got the the hotel, checked in, and headed to the room. Everyone there was super friendly and helpful, and the room smelled so fresh and clean. We unpacked and went downstairs to walk around to see what trouble we could get into. 

We walked to the movie theater across the street to get our tickets to see This is the End. Did you know that Cinemark offers cupcakes at their concession stand??? Take a clue Lake Jackson. You should offer cupcakes too. I bought some!

After the movie, we walked around looking at the stores and restaurants and debated eating there. I told Josh that I brought a dress and so I wanted to go eat steak, so we walked back to the hotel to change into our nicer clothes. 

Flemings was actually very good. After appetizers, wine, our meal, and dessert, we left super full. 

It was getting dark so we went back to the hotel to change back into our casual clothes and walked to the fountains.

 I really enjoyed listening to the music and watching the water show. We walked along the water way with the trees lit up in beautiful white lights. It would have been amazingly perfect had it not been 100 degrees outside. But we enjoyed ourselves none the less. 

After doing a bit of shopping, we returned to the hotel to put out our breakfast request. The next morning, I slept until 8:30, we had breakfast, checked out and headed out shopping. We were able to get a few things for the kiddos, I got a shirt and some jewelry, and Josh bought a new pair of flip flops. It's the first pair he has purchased since the pair 6 years ago at the Rainforest Cafe in Disney World. It was past time!!! He is now the proud owner of some amazing Sanucks. Good for him! 

All in all, even though we were unable to see the concert, which was the whole reason we went up there, we had a good time. It is always good to get away now and then. And in a few short weeks, we will return to see Barry Manilow. Oh boy!!!!

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