Saturday, June 22, 2013

School supply readiness

Now I am fully aware that school just ended a mere 15 days ago (Can I get an AMEN?!) but I am always looking ahead. In this case, my oldest is beginning intermediate school in the Fall and my baby will be in 3rd grade. 

Sniff, sniff, my babies are growing up. 

Anyway, it is time to go ahead and start buying school supplies and school clothes. I know, that may seem ridiculous since the first day of school isn't until August 26th, but I have to think ahead. We have so many other things we are paying for this summer including a weekend trip with some friends, tutoring for Caleb, summer meds for Caleb (long story), and my summer school tuition, that I buy as much as I can as early as I can. 

This year, let me just say...what the heck?

Our district went to a universal supply list. All elementary schools in the district ask for the same things, all intermediate schools as for the same things, and both high schools ask for the same things. I must say, it is really helpful to have the supply list so early, but the difference in elementary school and intermediate school really opened my eyes!!!

First of all, I am finished with both kids' school supplies. Go me! Second, look at the difference:

Here is the intermediate group...

And here is the elementary group...

Jansen needed another lunch kit, so we bought that but it just wasn't included in the picture above. Both boys have backpacks that have held up beautifully and by the way, Caleb can't even have his backpack in class. Evidently they can only put their backpacks in their lockers and must only bring books and supplies to each class. Who knew?

It was actually refreshing to not have two elementary lists for the first time this year!!! This may never happen again, but my kids are prepared with supplies for the Fall!!! Thank goodness :)

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