Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pool noodle light sabers...

Holy cannoli, as Summer cruises on I am constantly trying to find ways to keep the kiddos busy, active, and most importantly...alive. After church today, I came home to get dinner ready and the kids were just out of sorts. It was a rough day for Caleb, and he was really taking his frustration out on Jansen, who was fighting back. 

So I grabbed a pool noodle and some duck tape and made them some Star Wars light sabers and shooed them into the living room to fight the force within each other. 

It totally worked. They can't kill each other with a pool noodle. And they tried their best Jedi tricks on each other. It was even better for Jansen because he was spinning, jumping, trying tricks, and burning some calories as well as  "brother frustration". 

So this is how it works:

Take a pool noodle (you can get them at your local dollar store for $1) and cut it in half...

Use some duck tape and wrap it around the end. I did three rows of tape.

Don't forget to tape up the base...

Then I used electrical tape to tape 4 lines overlapping to the base. 

I cut three more strips and taped them around the noodle horizontally. 


Let the kids go crazy! 

We are going to take them outside tomorrow, add some sprinkler time, and let the kids go nuts. Fun times!

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