Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth!!!!!!!

Yesterday Josh and I braved the masses of haggard parents being dragged by sugared children to attend THE CIRCUS. ZING, ZANG, ZOOM!!! We arrived early so that we could all get a behind the scenes look at the animals and trainers, and what do you think was Jansen's favorite part? "I like the elephants, and he pooped and peed." Yep, that is what my 5 year-old remembered over all. Caleb laughed harder than I have ever heard him....the clowns were fantastic. So here was the lowdown. Circus tickets: $105. Light-up sword: $20. Bag of cotton candy with souvenier hat: $12. TWO sno cones with souvenier cups: $24. Taking two bites of said sno cone and spilling it: PRICELESS. Very worth our time and moolah! The kids loved it.

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