Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mad organizational skills....

Most of you know that I have zero organizational skills...well, less than zero. But honestly, doesn't having at least one thing really neatly organized make you feel like you cleaned the whole house?? Maybe that is just me.

I am often frazzled about trying to find things. I put a piece of paper down in a place that I am sure to find it later, only to have it disappear into the chaos. This simply won't work for school for the kids next month. Storage needs to be created for the projects, homework, parent signature pages, and last but not least, all my PTO paperwork and plans. Goal for this week: organize one thing each day.

Day one: the kitchen junk drawer. You know you have one too. All the ribbon, tape, scissors, batteries, to do lists, greeting cards just get relegated to this drawer and soon you can't open it for fear the contents might explode out and cut up your face. Maybe that is just me as well.

So anyway, here is the before of our junk drawer: (Que creepy Twighlight Zone music)

Almost an hour later (yep, I said an hour) this is the after:

Admittedly, I am kind of a drawer slob. Almost ever drawer in our house just has crap thrown into it, because that is just not high on priority list. Ranks up there with cleaning out my refrigerator. I am not going to do it. No apologies. :)

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