Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's Complicated....but not expensive

I would just like to begin with the fact that I love a good Nancy Meyers movie. My all time fave is Something's Gotta Give, but it is followed very closely by the newly released, It's Complicated.

If anyone has seen it, and has noticed the WAY adorable clutch that Meryl Streep carries throughout the movie, and has actually researched said clutch, you would know that this adorable bad boy is a whopping $500!!!!! OMG, $500???!!! Why does fashion have to be so expensive??

This little number is the Bottega Veneta Satin Knot Clutch as seen HERE,and is on CLEARANCE for $500.
Nevertheless, I wanted it. Bad! Now anyone who knows me knows that I love a good bargain and would never spend $500 on a purse, nor would I spend $50. But I would spend $11.99, and that is what I did. I am so excited about this purchase!!!!

Similar in color, style, and texture, this Merona brand clutch is the PERFECT alternative, and at just over $12, is perfectly within my budget. It is the same shiny pewter color, although the camera on my Blackberry fails to capture the shininess. Thank you Target!

You too can have this clutch! Just click HERE

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  1. That is so cute!!!! I bet you can use it as a wallet too not just a purse! I freakin can't believe the original was 500 bucks, wth?!