Friday, July 30, 2010

It's that time again...

BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!!!! It's the most wonderful time of the year...said very tongue in cheek. But really, school is such a God-send for Caleb as he just CRAVES the routines that I just cannot constantly provide for him. Jansen adjusts in any situation so I am really looking forward to his first year in the big KINDERGARTEN.

On to back to school shopping, of which, I did very little of. We bought pre-made school supply packages for each kid in May and are anxiously awaiting their arrival. :) We are incredibly fortunate to have extended family (Nana, Mimi, and great grandmother MeeMaw) who provide both of our kids with clothing a few times out of the year, school time being one of them. So this year, I only had to buy shoes and backpacks, and given the choice, Caleb decided to stick with last year's Super Mario backpack. They both have lunchkits and containers that are still in great condition after last school year. JOY!

So, Caleb's 2010-2011 begins with the following....

And Jansen's begins with...
Counting down the days until school and the hectic schedule, soccer, piano, PTO. BRING IT ON!!!

PS....Mommy got a little present as well...SQUEEEEEEEE

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