Thursday, October 14, 2010

End of cake class

Today was the final day in a three day cake series class my cousin, Kristi and I took together. It was so much fun!

We put together the skills we learned in the first day, the decorations we made the second day, and today we made homemade marshmallow fondant. It was delish!!! Earlier in the week, I made the two of us royal icing, and today Kristi made us our little cakes. We were ready to go by the time class started.
Here is my little Bunco cake. I going to try something a little different next week for dessert when I actually host the ladies for Bunco.
So my first attempt at the fondant dried out way too quickly as I was finishing up my dice, and once I put it on, it cracked up BIG TIME. I ripped it off, and made a new batch. It was kind of tricky getting the texture right because it was so hot and humid in the was so sticky. Powdered sugar to the rescue!!! I slapped that stuff on, smoothed it out, trimmed the edges, and started putting on my little dice. I LOVED using the Wilton edible markers because it made the perfect sized dots with indentions on the big dice. Then I just got tired and was too lazy to do a border, (let's be honest, the class is from 6-9pm) and I stuck on the little dice. It was cute.

My cousin made the most ADORABLE turtle cake. I love how she got the marbling just right, and had so much detail on his little face. LOVE it!!!

Another lady in our group was hosting an Octoberfest themed party next week and wanted to practice a few things before the big day. Look at her little pretzels!!!
And here is a final picture of our groups' cakes...
Kristi gave her cake to my dad as kind of an inside joke....
All in all, this was super fun to get out and learn a few new things. I am totally going to use the techniques I learned on my family's cakes now. :)

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  1. Cute cakes! I love the dice, very creative. I do cakes too- Id like to know how your marshmallow fondant was made, the recipe I have isn't the greatest.