Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Ribbon Week....

This week is Red Ribbon Week at school to encourage the kids to Say No to Drugs.
Monday: Wear Red
Tuesday: Crazy hair and sock day
Wednesday: Go Texans day
Thursday: Camo day
Friday: Pajama day

So yesterday both of my kids chose red Super Mario shirts (surprise, surprise). Today I was really concerned that Caleb would not participate. It is always a big struggle when things like this come around because it is so far out of his comfort zone. BUT, this is the first year he allowed me to spike his hair. Jansen was all for it and wanted me to spray red paint in his hair, but Caleb was good with the spike, so I decided this was not a battle to fight.

I think it has a lot to do with his maturity...slowly but surely, and the fact that we got the list and planned out the whole week on Sunday. Caleb was able to pick out what he wanted within the guidelines, and we set everything out on the bar. He knew what to expect and so there were no tears. Actually, if we are being honest, he was even a little excited. He only asked once if other kids would have crazy hair, and I told him if they didn't, at least Jansen did as well.

He has often, in the last few days, come in to look at each outfit and remind himself of what day it is. This is so important for kids with Autism, and especially with Caleb. I cannot expect him to go with the flow. He is his own flow. So while we have been encouraging him to pick out his own things to promote independence and self-esteem, we have to remember that he craves routine and full awareness of expecations.

That doesn't mean that everything goes his way. He has to learn that life is unexpected. Life doesn't always go as we plan and we have to deal with it. He can't control others, he can only control himself and his response. So, this morning, I switched his socks. Obviously, he noticed, and I just told him I must have lost them and he can go pick out another pair. He did it, without batting an eye. That is progress.

Tomorrow the Houston Texans mascot, Toro will be making an appearance at school for a pep rally. The boys have their jerseys and are looking forward to seeing Toro up close and in "person".

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