Monday, October 25, 2010


Yep, I am packing clothes again. I cannot believe that our cruise is next week. I am so excited!!!!! We have been looking forward to this for A YEAR! By the end of next week, I will be lounging in comfy chair with my feet in the sand and an adult beverage in my hand.

Quick cruise details: We are leaving from Galveston on Thursday Nov. 4 heading for Cozumel and returning Monday Nov. 8. I am planning on playing oodles and oodles of Bingo on the boat. For those of you who don't know me, I think I am an 80 year old lady sometimes because Bingo is the greatest game in the world!!!!! We will also be taking the dune buggy excursion to the beach for snorkeling, eating, and I will be climbing to the top of a lighthouse for a GORGEOUS panoramic view of the coast!!!

Also, it would really be nice to win a little money on the ship. I am not a big gambler but I do enjoy playing some slots. 8 years ago, we took an el cheapo cruise that was disastrous. Unfortunately, between the time we booked it and the time we sailed, I got myself pregnant. Big ship + 9 weeks pregnant= extreme nausea the whole time. So I headed to the casino to play some slots in hopes to win some cash. I had been betting the max (4 quarters) on two rolls of quarters, and on my last roll...I bet the max again. Unfortunately, I only had 2 quarters left stored in the machine and failed to put in the other roll I had in my lap......and I WON! BUT...if I would have bet the max, I would have won a couple thousand dollars....instead....$5 winner. What a bummer. So I quit playing.

Here's to hoping that doesn't happen again :)

10 days until the cruise
16 days until my surgery
31 days until Thanksgiving
34 days until the TEXANS GAME!!!

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