Saturday, October 16, 2010


That's it folks. I was approved for surgery on Friday and I am ready to go. Although there is not an official date yet, the doctor says the week we get back from the cruise will be fine, so I am waiting on a call back from the office to put it in the books. Hopefully November 10, so I will be on the mend by Thanksgiving and the Texans game on the 28th. We are looking for me to be down for 2-3 weeks.

The plan is to have the house cleaned, a week's worth of clothes for the kids set out, a week's worth of meals cooked and in the freezer, and tons of pillows and soft outfits, and a list of all the kid's medications and activities written for Josh to follow. He is going to take off for the first week and then my mom will be in and out to help the second week, and by then, I am sure I will be up and moving fine. The doctor said to just get lots of rest in the first week and slowly build up. Good thing my dad has a walker from his knee replacement because I am going to borrow it!

Feeling nervous, but excited, and ready to go!

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