Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Donation from an angel!!!! For real....

A little over a month ago, this disaster happened....

This was my absolute favorite pair of shoes that my mom purchased for me for my 30th birthday. We had seen them in a store...discontinued style, and the last pair they had, and it was in my size!!! I begged my mom to buy them for my birthday, and I knew she did, but I had to act really surprised to open them....

Anyway, after almost a year of wear, my oldest son had left out a a monster truck in the dark hallway. And I tripped over it and broke my favorite Yellow Box shoes!!!!!! I was totally devestated, and went running to my husband. We started looking online to find either a shoe repair or another pair of these shoes. But since they are discontinued, I couldn't find them...even on ebay. So they have been sitting in my closet waiting for me to take them for repair.

Fast forward to this weekend. My cousin called to say her mother was cleaning out her shoe closet and wanted to know what size shoe I wore, since she knows how much I love shoes. I told her 7.5 to 8...and she said she would drop them off at my mom's house. As we were running out the door yesterday for piano lessons, my mother dropped off the box.

She said they didn't want the shoes back, to take what I wanted and pass on the rest. When we got home, I went through the box.

And the clouds parted, and light shone down on the top of the box....for what did appear???? The same Yellow Box shoes I had broken, just in gold and silver!! TWO PAIR!!!!! I did a happy dance of joy!!!!

Here they are....

I was able to wear 7 pair of shoes. SEVEN PAIR FOR FREE!!!!

There are about 4 pair left that I will be offering to freecycle to see if anyone can wear them or wants them. Thank you to Judy for donating them and to Kristi for sending some my way!!!


  1. Awesome!! Lots of great shoes and even better that they had the ones you broke!

  2. omg omg omg omg the leopard ones are SOOO stinking cute!