Monday, March 28, 2011

A Super Mario bedroom....

A couple of years ago, for Christmas, we did this for our oldest son...

It took a little over an hour to map out just where we wanted each decal and to place them all on his wall.

He has been obsessed with Mario since he was less than 2 and someone gave him an old Game Boy to play with. That was in 2004 before the Wii premiered and Mario became as popular as it was in the early 80's. Mario decor was way hard to find.

The last thing we needed to complete his Mario themed bedroom was bedding. Because I don't sew, I am not creative enough to make his bedding, so we looked everywhere for something pre-made.

For his birthday, Caleb received a Super Mario sheet set, blankets, and comforter from his Nana and Pops. He could not have been happier. So while he was gone, I washed everything up and put it all on his bed, and when he came home, he was SUPER STOKED!!!!

Mario is all over this room.....
Mario is Caleb's one true love :)

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