Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lego man door hangers....

I made several of these Lego men to hang on our doors for Jansen's birthday party in May. Seriously, this house will be covered in Lego decor.

I don't care :) This will be Jansen's first party at our home with kids from his class, so whatever I can make....I will make.

We are still collecting lego pieces for the balloon weights. I have three completed and will probably do 2 more. Left on the list to be made: invitations (on the super cheap) and goodie bags with goodies.

My oldest's birthday is this month and it was his choice to have his party at the bowling alley. Cool with me...but now that he sees the decorations for his brother's party...he wants a banner of his own. The bowling alley does all their own decorations and food, but I am making the cake, and I guess now I will be making a bowling banner :)

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