Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rosette hairclip...

I was cleaning out a couple of my bathroom drawers today and found a metal hair clip that used to have something glued to it. I can't really remember what it was, but now it doesn't even matter. It needs something.

I have been wanting to get some cute hair pins, clips, and headbands but they can be so darn expensive. There are many that I could probably make just using things I have in my house.

So today, it was time to make rosettes. I had a shirt that no longer fits, but has a really pretty color scheme, so I cut a few strips and made some quick rosettes. Here is what I made for today...

I like the three different sizes. But I have another bit of fabric in a different color, that I will make into a clip with three rosettes of the same size and pearls in the center. But since we are leaving for Jellystone tomorrow...that will have to wait until next week.


  1. Cute! I need to make some of these!

  2. So pretty, very nice and homemade and handmade makes it so special. Saw your stuff at a linky party. The pink flower hair pin is stunning as well. I am so impressed that I am a follower already.

    xxx Monica