Thursday, March 17, 2011

Early birthday present to ME!!!!

I know, I know. My birthday isn't for another 2 months. My mom ALWAYS asks me what I want for birthdays and Christmas and I can never think of anything. This year, I am making a mental note to write down things that I really like in stores that I would never buy myself.

I am one of those people who, when they get money, puts it on a bill....and wouldn't buy the lamps that have been calling my name for months.

So while in Target a few weeks back, the lamps continued to call my name. The same day I asked my mom if she already had a plan of what she was going to get me for my birthday. NOPE! And I planted the seed.

This afternoon she found lamps that were even better than the ones in Target at Tuesday Morning, and they were on sale for 70% off. She sent me the picture and I said YES!!!!! THOSE ARE GORGEOUS!!! And she bought them!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!

The bonus???? She gave them to me today so I could go ahead and get them set up on my empty bedroom end tables.

Super awesome!!!!! Thank you to my parents for this perfect birthday gift :)

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