Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Free chair!!!!

A little while ago, I bought a small desk from a guy on Craigslist to refinish and put in my youngest son's room. This desk didn't come with a chair, and thus finding one was on my list of things to buy.

We have been looking for one ever since then, but haven't found anything that really caught our eye. Until today....

The boys and I were on our way to the museum and as we drove out of our subdivision, we saw a table and four chairs by the curb.
So of course, I made a u-turn and pulled over. Each chair was broken except for one, so I threw it in my Pilot and we sped off. We made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby to pick out Jansen's choice of fabric. He chose this...

I wanted to get a primary color stripe or a dark denim, but he just had to have this. And it is his, so he should at least get to chose what he wants.

When I got this chair home, I noticed that it had a few imperfections on the black metal. Jansen wanted to keep it black, so I just colored in the imperfections with a black sharpie marker.

Then I took off the cushion and noticed that there were three coverings on this seat.

The most recent cover was just tacked on without unscrewing it, so it was just hanging there.

So I unscrewed it, ripped off the two layers and was left with this....

No wonder they tried to cover it so many times. Ugh. So I stapled the Texans fabric to the seat, and screwed it back to the chair. The chair fits the desk perfectly and I don't even care that it is black and the desk is brown. Jansen didn't want to paint it, although I have plenty of spray paint in the garage.

Woohoo! He has a chair, and it was under $10!

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  1. Looks great! And I love a great trash find! :)