Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A miracle or a milestone...not sure which....

I am sure that most of you couples out there have mates that are very different from you. There is always one person who is the saver, and one person who is the spender. In our family, I am the saver and my husband is the spender.

It is always difficult to get the other person on your side....probably as difficult as it would be to get you on their side. But yesterday, after 11 years of clicked. Yesterday, I brought my husband to my financial spreadsheet and he bought into it. We openly discussed our finances, our income, and our debts, and we collectively came to an agreement on how we are going to tackle our debt.

Often times people fight about money and it never really goes anywhere. That has been us. We don't really fight about money because we don't really talk about it. And THAT has been our downfall. It's very difficult when the couple is not on the same page....but when you see it in black and white on is a real eye opener.

Yesterday, we updated the spreadsheet, got our refund, and paid off our Dell bill, our couches that we bought last year, and a credit card. It's nice to see that we can come together and work toward a common goal. Miracle, or milestone....I don't care, it is progress!

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