Thursday, February 16, 2012

Proud owners of a travel trailer....

Oh my goodness....we are now the proud owners of a Sprinter travel trailer!

My husband came home from graveyards at 6am and was up at 8 to head to League City to pick up our new home away from home. We are very excited!!!

Josh did a great job driving it home and getting into my parents' driveway. They are so generously letting us store the camper there until we can decide what we are going to be doing...either pouring an extra driveway here at our house, or paying a monthly storage fee.

Here it is!!!

We are already planning a quick trip at Spring Break to Jellystone, and will more than likely be taking the new camper to Canyon Lake this summer for our vacation.

Feeling blessed and happy!


  1. Welcome to the campers life you will enjoy it for sure!!!

    1. Yeah, It will be having fun. Travel trailer is more useful for outing. Good luck!