Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So we bought a camper

That's right! We purchased a camper! I am so excited.

Today we went to the RV show in Houston thinking we would get some ideas about floor plans, costs, etc. The first camper we went into had a price tag that was too good to be true for the features. We double checked and the woman said that it was the RV Show discount, and that it was a really great deal. We pretty much thought she was just saying that until we went through the rest of the campers at this show.

We must have gone into 75ish campers and each one, we looked at each other and said...No way. They all had less features for more price. I take that back. Most of the them did. There were several that had the same floor plan, and were comparable, but none had the IT factor that the first one did.

As we started to walk out, I asked to go into it just one more time. By the time we went in, my husband was already figuring out the financials in his head. It was everything we wanted in a camper. So we sat down with the rep, Connie, to figure out how much we needed to put down, payments, pick up, and ask all the questions we could think of. It was a good thing we got started on the paperwork, because another family came in with another rep and were wanting to start paperwork on our camper.

I say "our camper" because I had determined in my mind that it was mine, and I suddenly felt my chest tighten as I became very territorial. Caleb told the lady when she walked into the bedroom that this was his bed, and she said, "Well you haven't bought it yet." And then I bristled.

Our rep came back seconds later and said, "Let's go sign. You just bought a camper!" and the other family's rep asked her if she had just sold it to us. She said, "Yes, I just put the SOLD sign on the outside!" YAY! Evidently, the price was reflective of their supply. That family has to special order another one!!!

So we left the show full of anxious excitement. This is a big purchase, and while it makes me really nervous, we are all so excited to think about all the places we can go in it. We can even take our dog with us, and not board her every time we go somewhere.

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  1. Enjoy! It looks really nice!! We have a pop up camper and it has been a fun adventure!