Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick Angry Birds centerpiece

Like I said in a previous post, Caleb's 9th birthday is next month and he will be having it at a sportsplex in town. The only thing I am able to decorate is one table...the cake table.

Caleb loves the King Pig, so we got him some King Pig favors....

And he also is obsessed with getting the golden egg, on the game and in "real life".

So as a table decoration, I came up with this...

It is basically these materials...

I filled the inside of the Bomb Bird box with styrofoam,
and then lined it with some sheet moss. I found a small grapevine wreath at Hobby Lobby that I used as the bird's nest, and then took one of our plastic garden eggs and painted it using left over gold paint from our marbeled ornament project a couple months back.

Caleb was so excited. He totally thinks it is the real golden egg. Well, whatever works for you kiddo! This will be on one side of the table, and the party favors will be on the other side, with the cake in the middle.

I love my kiddo's birthday!

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