Saturday, March 23, 2013

Caleb's skating birthday party

Because Caleb's birthday is next week and Easter is next weekend, we had his birthday party this weekend. I am pretty sure this will be his last party. You know, once they get into junior high, they don't really do any of that classroom stuff anymore. And let's face child will be in junior high in August. At 10 years old. Junior High! I don't want to talk about it. 

Anyway, one of my very good friends is a photographer and she was wanting to get some practice with a new camera flash, so she graciously took a bunch of really good pictures at the party. It was a good thing too, because my basic point and click camera didn't do very well in a dark skating rink. 

He was excited! We kept the party small and only invited about 12 kiddos. He did really well with all the people, lights, and music at the rink. 

by the way, this is my favorite picture of him!

It was really nice to have a party that was really relaxed. We weren't in a hurry, the kids could skate as they wished, those who didn't want to skate could play in the game room, and we could eat then skate and eat again. 

I only had to provide the cake and cupcakes. It was great. Thanks to all the friends who came to help us celebrate. I cannot believe my oldest is 10!!!!

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  1. Everything turned out so great!!!!!!!!!!! I must admit, I'm only slightly sad to have been on the beach instead of here, but I'm still sorry to have missed it!!!!!!!!! We need to swing by with a gift!! :D